Biztalk 2004 Integration Experiences

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What's with btproj.user file?

Have you ever seen a .btproj.user file being created with your
Biztalk project. Looks like this is a xml file which contains the user
specific information like References path, test file names,
ConfigurationDatabase name etc. So you might ask what's interesting about
this file?

The interesting thing is, Imagine you develop a Biztalk project on Machine1
with a local SQL Installation and it's now copied to your buddy's machine
Machine2 If your buddy does deploy by right clicking on the btproject, the biztalk
assembly will be deployed to your machine, provided your buddy has access to
your SQL Server.

Now you see where I'm going...I have spent countless hours
till I found this.

In my point of view a file named with extension btproj.user should never be
checked in into your Code Repositories (Like Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam
etc.) if your code might be shared.


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