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Saturday, August 27, 2005

First look at Biztalk Server 2006

I did work a little a bit with Biztalk 2006 for the past 2 weeks, but did not get a chance to blog.

1. Setup experience has been simplified a lot, I got it setup in the first install, which was not the case with Biztalk Server 2004. It was great that the missing prerequisite components are downloaded and installed automatically from the Web or from a pre-downloaded CAB file

2. Configuration Wizard has also been updated. There is a new "default configuration option" for Development setup. Basically it just installs the default configuration with least security.

3. The Administration tool has been re-designed and at last it's useful. One thing caught my eye was now you can connect remotely to administer another biztalk server on the network.Cool! The user interface is helpful and now you can group biztalk assemblies as an "Application". This would help a lot in deployment.

4. I noticed that there are few new Advanced (Nil Value & Assert) functiods added to the Biztalk Mapper. Haven't played with it much. Looks like the Assert functiod might be useful for writing debug code in the mapper

5. A bunch of new adapters (MSMQ, POP3, MQSeries, Sharepoint) are now available out of the box. Also Microsoft has purchased new adapters from Iway which would also be included in the next release (I heard that even if you are using Biztalk 2004, you can get these adapters from microsoft if you have software assurance. Hmm nice!).

6. SQL Server 2005 can be used with Biztalk 2006, however I'm not sure whether any SQL 2005 specific features are being used.

7. I did not notice any new shapes with the Orchestration Designer. However zooming capability has been added. Beleive it or not, I think this is the best feature microsoft could have given for the designer!

8. Did not notice any new changes to the Business Rule composer.

That's it for now, rest to come soon...


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