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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bug in Orchestration Filter?

Currently I'm architecting a EDI X12 Biztalk 2004 Implementation. Yesterday I got stuck with a issue which I'm still not sure whether I'm missing something or it's bug in Biztalk. I'll explain the issue below.

I have a Biztalk assembly which holds all the common schemas named Common.Schemas.dll and promoted two properties(SOURCE_ID & DEST_ID) in this schema in a Property schema named propertyschema.xsd

I also have a EDI partner based schema named sch_EDI_872.xsd in an assembly named EDI.Schemas.dll. which references the Common.Schemas.dll and assigns two fields (SOURCE_ID & DEST_ID) to the property schema Common.Schemas.propertyschema.xsd.

In an orchestration if I receive an incoming file with schema type sch_EDI_872.xsd, I could not see the SOURCE_ID & DEST_ID promoted properties in the filter expression.

Has anybody seen this happening?


  • At 4:30 PM, Blogger hung said…

    Upgrade to Covast EDI adapter instead of using Base EDI adapter.


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