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Monday, February 21, 2005

Beware while using Archived Database Option in HAT

I am using HAT (Health and Activity Tracking) a lot for debugging and trouble shooting in my apps.

I noticed something recently which appears to be a bug in HAT but digging deep I found it was by design.

I was using HAT to remotely connect to an Archived Database (You can do this from Tools->Preferences from HAT). Most of the options in HAT, Including the Orchestration Debugger (For an orchestration which has already completed) worked great i.e.) pulled the data from the Archived Database.

The Problem is with the form opening from menu Operations->Messages. This still points to the current Database rather than the Archived Database.

Biztalk documentation clearly states the following menus are only HAT for Archived messages and the other menu's are just for live data.

Query Builder
Find Message


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