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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Commerce.Dictionary & Commerce.SimpleList COM Objects

I was converting a Biztalk 2000 Map to Biztalk 2004. The map was using Commerce.Dictionary & Commerce.SimpleList COM Objects to perform some complex mapping.

I believe mscscore.dll(Commerce Server 2000 Core Components) contained these objects, was used by Biztalk 2000 and also installed as part of Biztalk 2000 Installation.

Looks like Biztalk 2004 is not installing these components, the interesting part is it's installed with Visual Studio.Net 2003. So I did not have a clue about this and everything worked fine in my box until it was deployed to the Development Server.The map got blown out in Dev Server and it took a while to figure out this issue.

In my point of view, if a component is shipped with a lower version of a product(Biztalk 2000), it should be supported in higher versions(Biztalk 2004).

If you are using COM components in maps, Beware! Take some time to test in machines which do not have Visual Studio & Biztalk Dev Tools.


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